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27 DEC 2009

THE MED RANGER is a periodical publication of the Texas State Guard Medical Brigade.  Inquiries and submissions should be directed to the Medical Brigade Historian, LTC Miquel Bedolla

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During Operation Gustav (Gustav was the 2nd hurricane to hit Texas the summer of 2008) it was decided that a daily newsletter be published from the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) of the Medical Brigade, that was headquartered at Camp Mabry, Texas. The letter was given the name "THE MED RANGER" because "The Texas Medical Rangers" is the nickname of the Medical Brigade.
Nineteen daily issues of The Med Ranger were initially published because the TOC remained active after Operation Gustav, and simply shifted into Operation Ike to deal with the 3rd hurricane that hit Texas that summer. Publication ceased when the Brigade was stood down following Operation Ike. Since that time, The Med Ranger has been published only on very special occasions.
Beginning in 2010 THE MED RANGER will be published at least monthly.  In addition to disseminating information from the top, it is our plan to feature each group and company of the Brigade in an issue. It is also intended that a number of issues be devoted to the history of the Brigade.

LTC Miguel "Bucky" Bedolla serves as the executive editor of THE MED RANGER, with supervisory assistance from the Brigade Commanding General BG Luis Fernandez and the Chief of Staff, COL Frank Wright. 1LT George Owens and 2LT Brian Berlin oversee web-based publication.

Back Issues:

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MED_RANGER_2009-05-31-SUPPLEMENT.pdf 0.6 MB
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