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Mission Statement

The TXSG-MRC provides licensed public health support personnel and technical support expertise in response to large scale disasters, supplementing public health authorities of the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Provide life-preserving stabilization, emergency health care counseling, and emergency prophylaxis (e.g. inoculations, distribution of oral medications or topical ointments) for persons whose illnesses or injuries are a result of mass disasters;

  • Provide health care expertise and technical assistance to TDH at their designated alternate treatment facilities (i.e. voluntarily committed acute care beds at non-hospital sites controlled by the National Disaster Medical System) with patient reception, patient staging, limited emergency care (i.e. triage and emergency injury treatment), patient evacuation preparation, and preliminary casualty clearing

  • Provide technical assistance (leadership and control) for identifying, organizing, validating credentials, caring for medical and health support volunteers on shift, scheduling/communicating shift assignments, and facilitating work force protection/guarantees for TXSG-MRC soldiers and augmentees;

  • Provide technical assistance (leadership and control) to record, maintain and recall health database information about patients processed and treatments provided by TXSG-MRC soldiers and augmentees.

  • Contributes to TDH’s surveillance systems, supplement monitoring of the general population and special high-risk population segments, assist in monitoring injury, disease outbreak patterns, and provide expert advice about communicable disease and injury control measures and precautions.

  • Provide staff assistance experienced in public information duties to assist the impacted regional and State TDH offices in performing Health and Medical Services public information activities.



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